U.S., Germany Reach Deal On Controversial Russian Gas Pipeline

U.S., Germany Reach Deal On Controversial Russian Gas Pipeline

Washington and Berlin have committed to imposing sanctions on Russia and German companies should Moscow use the pipeline as a political weapon.

Andrew H. Sweet

Congressional aides briefed on the deal's outlines said it would allow the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline without either Germany or Russia facing new U.S. sanctions. In return, the U.S. and Germany will make certain concessions to Ukraine and Poland.

Poland, Ukraine, and other eastern and central European countries bypassed by the pipeline are concerned that Russia will use gas supplies as a political weapon.

Under the terms of the expected U.S.-Germany agreement, Ukraine would get $50m in green energy technology credits, a guarantee of repayment for gas transit fees it will lose by being bypassed by the pipeline through 2024. Both Germany and the U.S. will likely pledge that sanctions will be revisited should Russia use the gas as a political weapon.

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