U.S. Media Say Anti-COVID Steps At Olympics Go Against Press Freedoms

U.S. Media Say Anti-COVID Steps At Olympics Go Against Press Freedoms

Sports editors from over ten major U.S. media outlets have sent a letter of protest to the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics, saying their anti-COVID-19 rules and restrictions run counter to press freedom.

Andrew H. Sweet

A ban on visiting foreign journalists interviewing spectators and conducting interviews is a "clear overreach" targeted at them. The media in Japan will not face the same restrictions, regardless of their vaccination status.

"Some of these measures we have described go beyond limiting the spread of the virus and speak directly and chiefly to press freedoms," said the letter, written by the editors of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, USA Today, and eight other media outlets.

Medical experts have expressed fears that the games will trigger a spike in infections in Japan and other countries, while public support for the Olympics remains low.

Two members of the Ugandan delegation that arrived in Japan for the games have tested positive for the virus, leading to further debate over whether the anti-virus measures being taken by the Japanese government and organizers are sufficient.

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