Uganda's Museveni Tightens Grip On Power

Uganda's Museveni Tightens Grip On Power

Yoweri Museveni's less-than-stellar democratic and human rights record has caused increasing anger abroad. But allies in the West seem reluctant to upset a regime that has contributed toward stabilization in the region.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Yoweri Museveni, 76, is scheduled to be sworn in as Uganda's head of state for a sixth five-year term.
  • He is not expected to change the autocratic style he has developed over the last 35 years, nor the system of patronage and corruption, which has been crucial to enabling his longevity in power.
  • Museveni managed to have Parliament alter the constitution twice to allow him to run for president, first removing a two-term limit in 2005 and then abolishing the age limit of 75 in 2017.
  • The president seized power in 1986 after a five-year guerrilla struggle. At the time, a population weary of bloodshed successive despots, and ineffectual military juntas enthusiastically welcomed him.

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