Uyghur Actor Confirmed Detained In China's Xinjiang

Uyghur Actor Confirmed Detained In China's Xinjiang

Andrew H. Sweet

A revered Uyghur actor and acting teacher has been detained for three years in northwestern China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, RFA confirmed last week through sources in the region.

The case against Qeyum Muhammad for teaching younger Uyghur performing artists and comedians was uncovered by the Uyghuryar Foundation, a Norway-based Uyghur advocacy and aid organization that maintains a list of detained Uyghur intellectuals.

The Uyghuryar Foundation has been tracking the actor since his sudden disappearance from the stage, forums, and venues in 2017.

Through calls to people in the XUAR who know Qeyum, RFA has confirmed that the actor has been in captivity for three years.

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