Watch Plastic Waste Become 'Lumber' For Adirondack Chairs

Watch Plastic Waste Become 'Lumber' For Adirondack Chairs

POLYWOOD: the answer to plastic pollution.

Andrew H. Sweet

POLYWOOD pulls its materials from U.S. recycling centers and "ocean-bound hotbeds throughout the world. You can remake them and remake them, and you never ever have to throw these materials away."

Machines process, clean, flake, and pelletize the plastic bales. Next, vacuums move the pellets into storage silos until they're ready to blend with extra materials before becoming POLYWOOD lumber boards.

Before workers can cut the boards, though, they have to color them with dye and form them (in a heater) to match the size needed for specific pieces of furniture.

Doug Rassi, the founder and CEO of POLYWOOD, hopes his products show plastics can always find new lives and don't need to end up in landfills or the sea.

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