Why Colombian Protesters Are Taking To The Streets

Why Colombian Protesters Are Taking To The Streets

The ongoing protests reveal how economically vulnerable most of Colombia's population is. But the grievances run much deeper than that.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • For the past two weeks, mass protests have rocked Colombia, leaving at least 42 people dead and hundreds injured.
  • A change to tax law presented by President Ivan Duque is the trigger of the protests.
  • Although some economists say Colombia needs changes to tax law, people from diverse segments of society have spilled into the streets to voice their disapproval.
  • The minimum wage in Colombia is about 940,000 pesos (€210/$250) per month. But people living in extreme poverty make as little as 145,000 pesos.
  • Besides the gaping inequality in the country — Colombia is one of the unequal countries in Latin America — there are other persistent issues: a lack of opportunities, structural racism, and the government's military actions.

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