World Leaders Speak At United Nations General Assembly

World Leaders Speak At United Nations General Assembly

Andrew H. Sweet

CHINA: During his UNGA address, President Xi Jinping said his country would stop funding coal projects overseas, reducing a key source of pollution behind climate change.

He also reiterated that China aims to provide two billion COVID-19 vaccine doses to the world by the end of the year.

TURKEY: Turkeys Cavusoglu reiterated that his country would continue to cooperate with the US on Afghanistan and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

IRAN: Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi dedicated most of his UNGA speech, delivered in the form of a pre-recorded video message, to blasting the US actions on Iran and the Middle East.

The president added that Iran would only participate in negotiations to restore the nuclear deal, which has stalled since late July to allow him to form his administration if they lead to the lifting of the sanctions.

QATAR: The emir of Qatar, whose nation has played a pivotal role in Afghanistan in the wake of the US withdrawal, urged world leaders gathered at the United Nations against turning their backs on the country's Taliban rulers.

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