Xinjiang Footage Sheds New Light On Uyghur Detention Camps

Xinjiang Footage Sheds New Light On Uyghur Detention Camps

Andrew H. Sweet

A Chinese man named Guanguan filmed the video.  He went to Xinjiang after reading a series of articles from U.S. news outlet BuzzFeed News, indicating the locations of several detention centers in the region.

Rayhan Asat, a Uyghur human rights lawyer and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council's Strategic Litigation Project, said the unfiltered video footage adds to the ongoing documentation of the crackdown that is taking place in Xinjiang and "defeats the state propaganda and disinformation of 'Happy Uyghurs.'"

Since Guanguan revealed his face in the Xinjiang video, many people have expressed concerns over his safety. In a new video uploaded to his YouTube channel on Friday, Guanguan said he hopes that the footage of the detention facilities can be passed on as evidence. "I don't have the ability to directly challenge the Chinese government, but this is what I can do within the limits of my power," he said.

Here is the link to the video


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