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44% Believe Coronavirus Is Manmade & Half Of Them Say It Was Intentionally Released

What do Americans think about the coronavirus's origin? A TIPP Poll looks into it.

Wuhan institute of virology

Is it natural or man-made? Was it released, or did it escape? Was it deliberate or an accident? These are some of the questions the world is grappling with regarding the Covid-19 virus.

Several unanswered questions surround the Covid-19 virus. While some have implications related to treatment and prevention, others may have a far-reaching impact on the global order.

More than fifteen months after it was declared a pandemic, little is concretely known about the virus itself. Just as the Wall Street Journal broke the sensational story (more about that later), TechnoMetrica conducted a TIPP Poll asking Americans what they believe regarding the origin and spread of the virus.

Here’s where Americans think the virus originated:

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