44% Believe Coronavirus Is Manmade & Half Of Them Say It Was Intentionally Released

44% Believe Coronavirus Is Manmade & Half Of Them Say It Was Intentionally Released

What do Americans think about the coronavirus's origin? A TIPP Poll looks into it.

Raghavan Mayur
Raghavan Mayur

Is it natural or man-made? Was it released, or did it escape? Was it deliberate or an accident? These are some of the questions the world is grappling with regarding the Covid-19 virus.

Several unanswered questions surround the Covid-19 virus. While some have implications related to treatment and prevention, others may have a far-reaching impact on the global order.

More than fifteen months after it was declared a pandemic, little is concretely known about the virus itself. Just as the Wall Street Journal broke the sensational story (more about that later), TechnoMetrica conducted a TIPP Poll asking Americans what they believe regarding the origin and spread of the virus.

Here’s where Americans think the virus originated:

  • 44% believe it was developed in a lab
  • 22% think it came from animals
  • 11% think it’s a naturally occurring virus
  • 8% think the virus came to be as a result of human living habits
  • 16% were unsure about its origins

Aside from how or where the virus originated, a question that has refused to die is how it came to infect so many million people worldwide.

Of the 44% who believe the virus is manmade,

  • 54% believe it was intentionally released from the lab
  • 32% think it was accidentally released
  • 14% were not sure about how it got outside the lab

The revelations in recent weeks give credence to the belief that the virus may have been lab-generated.

The Wall Street Journal story mentioned above revealed that staff of the Institute of Virology in the city had sought hospital care for Corona-like symptoms weeks before the first cases of Corona infections were officially recorded in Wuhan..

Both Corona and influenza indeed manifest similar symptoms. The outbreak of flu among the staff could have been a seasonal illness, as suggested by some. Yet, the attitude of the Chinese establishment since the pandemic began casts a shadow of a doubt.

Given the lack of transparency on the Chinese side on all data, news, and information regarding the virus, this piece of news only muddies the waters. It heightens the sense that China is deliberately withholding or suppressing crucial information.

In the U.S, from its early days, the virus has been a partisan issue. The pandemic has not just disrupted our routines; it’s divided our country.

Along party lines, of the Democrats:

  • 32% believe it was developed in a lab
  • 30% think it came from animals
  • 13% think it’s a naturally occurring virus
  • 11% think the virus came to be as a result of human living habits
  • 14% were unsure about its origins

Meanwhile, there is a stronger response from the Republicans. Regarding the origin of the virus,

  • 63% believe it was developed in a lab
  • 12% think it came from animals
  • 8% think it’s a naturally occurring virus
  • 6% think the virus came to be as a result of human living habits
  • 12% were unsure about its origins

There is some basis for such overwhelming support for the theory that the virus is lab-grown.

News that U.S. officials have gained access to papers authored by Chinese military scientists which discuss weaponizing the coronavirus (five years before the pandemic hit) has sealed the deal for many. Reported first by 'The Australian,' the documents allegedly discuss "a new era of genetic weapons" and unleashing the "artificially manipulated" virus that could potentially lead to the "enemy's medical system to collapse."

Given such incriminating reports, it is hardly surprising that almost a quarter of Americans believe that the virus was intentionally released. However, nearly a fifth do not subscribe to any of the theories.

The combined data on the origin of the virus and how it found its way to humans read:

  • 23% lab-grown and intentionally released
  • 22% came from animals
  • 14% lab-grown, but accidentally released
  • 11% came about naturally
  • 8% is a product of human living habits
  • 6% from lab, not sure
  • 16% not sure

Eminent scientists have joined governments across the globe in demanding a thorough investigation into the origins of the virus and how it came to set off a pandemic. What is brought to light may have a profound impact on the world as we have known it.

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