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tippinsights site provides its readers with original, premium content on a wide range of relevant and unique topics, based on our famous TIPP Poll and surveys. The articles summarize insights and data collected by us, representing the public's sentiments on various matters from current affairs to the latest tech.

The TIPP poll has been around for 30 years. We have conducted surveys on diverse topics and issues - from economic outlook to customer satisfaction, from concept testing to market trends - which are of deep interest to the layperson and the experts. The TIPP Poll has the much-coveted distinction as the most accurate poll of this century, being the only poll to accurately predict the winner of the last five U.S. presidential elections.

tippinsights articles will tell a story - rooted in data. These statistics generated by comprehensive, statistically sound surveys convey what the average American thinks. We aim to provide objective information and thoughts. We have no political party affiliation, nor do we express either a conservative or liberal perspective.

tippinsights articles are authored by analysts, experts, industry leaders, and other contributors who bring a deep understanding of their domain to the data we collect. Consequently, each article intends to fill the information gap with data-driven stories. When interpretation is needed, it will be labeled as such. We will even touch upon those uneasy topics that most tend to ignore or avoid.

tippinsights will have a marked focus on key areas such as

  • Leadership and Governance
  • The economy – current state, trends, and the future
  • Current affairs – National and Global
  • Consumer trends – changes brought about by the dynamics of the changing consumer behavior, disruptive technologies, and market trends
  • Automotive industry
  • Energy policy
  • Health care
  • Thought leadership

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In the age of 24/7 news, time and objective information are at a premium. With this in mind, our articles aim to be clear, concise, and relevant to ensure that your time and trust in us are rewarded.

In addition to data-based stories, tippinsights will also bring you unique perspectives from our correspondents and contributors on the ground, from around the world. We will also include hard-hitting interviews with movers and shakers behind raging headlines. Articles by experts will shed light on specific topics that will be of immense value to our readers.

We are building a high wattage community.  We will endeavor to develop a two-way dialogue with our members and writers. We believe the articles' comment section will be as informative and educative as the articles themselves.    

We immensely value your membership, and your contributions will help us fund our data collection and analysis.  Our promise to you – we will strive hard to ensure that your return on investment far exceeds your expectations

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