54% Favor More Lockdowns  To Fight The Delta Variant:  Golden/TIPP Poll

54% Favor More Lockdowns To Fight The Delta Variant: Golden/TIPP Poll

Over half (54%) believe the U.S. should increase lockdowns to combat the Delta variant.

Raghavan Mayur

More than half (54%) believe that the United States should impose more lockdowns to combat the Delta variant.

The Golden/TIPP Poll completed last Friday asked 1,300 Americans nationwide, "Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement: American cities and states need to enforce more lockdowns of businesses to fight the Delta Variant of the coronavirus." The results read as follows:

  • 26% agree strongly,
  • 28% agree somewhat,
  • 17% disagree somewhat,
  • 20% disagree strongly, and
  • 8% are not sure.
TIPP/Golden Poll Results: Americans who believe America Need more lockdowns to fight Delta

James Golden, host of "The Bo Snerdley Show" on 77-WABC/New York, and TIPP have joined forces to produce ongoing polling under the Golden/TIPP banner.  The polls will gauge Americans' opinions on policy issues and provide original content for the radio show.

Thirty-three of the 36 demographic categories we analyzed favored more lockdowns.

The demographic groups with the greatest support for more lockdowns are:

  • 76% of Democrats favor lockdowns, while 17% oppose them.
  • 73% of liberals favor, while 20% oppose.
  • 73% of Blacks favor it, while 20% oppose it.

The three groups opposing lockdowns are:

  • 59% of Republicans oppose, while 34% favor them.
  • 54% of conservatives oppose, while 41% favor.
  • 48% of the 65+ age group oppose, while 45% favor.
TIPP/Golden Poll Result: Americans who Agree vs. Disagree on more lockdowns to combat COVID19 delta variant- Topline
American Cities And States Need To Enforce More Lockdowns Of Businesses To Fight The Delta Variant Of The Coronavirus

The trajectory of the virus is uncertain, and the end is elusive. COVID cases have increased more than 300 percent in the United States since Labor Day last year.

President Biden's COVID-19  plan announced on Thursday focused on vaccination without resorting to lockdowns. It also emphasized masking and increased testing, keeping schools open, and improved care for those with COVID-19. The plan tacitly acknowledged that lockdowns could damage the economy.  "This plan will ensure that we are using every available tool to combat COVID-19 and save even more lives in the months ahead, while also keeping schools open and safe, and protecting our economy from lockdowns and damage," it said.


IBD/TIPP - Economic Confidence Collapses In America
After an eight-month spell in the positive zone, economic confidence plummets in September.
After Afghanistan Withdrawal, U.S Is Less Safe From Al-Qaeda
David Wilezol, the former Chief Speechwriter to the U.S. Secretary of State from 2017 to 2021, discusses the threat al-Qaeda poses to the U.S. after the Afghan withdrawal.
63% think The Biden Administration Bungled Afghan Withdrawal
The execution of the Afghan pullout was a mistake.

TIPP Takes

Uruguay Advances Free Trade Talks With China, Aims To Be Mercosur 'Gateway'

Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou
Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou

On Wednesday, key Uruguayan government adviser Alvaro Delgado told reporters the objective was for Uruguay to be a "gateway to Mercosur" for China.

Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou, who has long pushed for an agreement with China to boost exports of key products such as beef, revealed late on Tuesday that China had made a "formal proposal" to push forward the process.

If successful, Uruguay would join neighboring Chile and Peru in signing free trade agreements with China. Lacalle Pou said that Uruguay would conduct a formal study regarding the proposed trade deal with China to be presented by the end of the year.

China is already Uruguay's main trading partner, buying some 30% of its exports, including 56% of its meat, Uruguay's main export.

Russia And Belarus Start War Games, NATO Warns

Russia And Belarus Start War Games, NATO Warns

On Thursday, Russia and Belarus have formally started joint military drills that will continue for a week.

The intense drills will begin on Friday and end on September 16, amid tensions between the West and Belarus due to opposition crackdown. Russia's Ministry of Defense said that nearly 200,000 military staff, 80 aircraft, helicopters, 15 ships, and 300 tanks would participate.

Furthermore, the exercises will include live fire and mark the climax of a larger drill.

The Russian defense ministry added that military personnel from Armenia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia would also participate.

Officials in NATO raised warnings that the drills increase the risk of making a mistake that would start a catastrophe. This is due to the earlier high-intensity Russian military buildup on the border with Ukraine.

North Korea Stages Military Parade Amid Worst Food Crisis In Decade

North Korea Stages Military Parade Amid Worst Food Crisis In Decade

North Korea staged a military parade early Thursday to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the country's founding.

The military parade, believed to generate national unity while avoiding a provocative tone, was North Korea's first since January this year when the country held the first congress of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea in nearly five years.

However, the two-hour footage did not show ballistic missiles such as one that could target the U.S. mainland. Kim did not make a speech at the parade.

At a military parade in October 2020, North Korea showed off its cutting-edge intercontinental ballistic missile on the 75th anniversary of the ruling party's founding while unveiling a submarine-launched ballistic missile in January 2021.

Thousands of participants in Thursday's parade were confirmed not to have worn protective face masks. North Korea claims the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19 has not made inroads into the nation.

The Tech Startups Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Stone

Turning greenhouse gas into rock

Innovative tech firms in Iceland have turned on an experiment designed to see if they can capture carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the air and permanently store it deep underground in porous rocks, trapping the greenhouse gas forever, instead of allowing it to escape into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

Switzerland's Climeworks' "Carbon Removal" method uses fans to draw air in so CO₂ can be collected by filters. When full, the filters are heated to 100°C, releasing the CO₂, then piped to an injection site.

The gas is then mixed with water and injected into basalt deep underground (a porous rock filled with cavities). The carbonated water reacts with elements such as calcium, magnesium, and iron to form carbonates that fill up the hollow pockets – providing a permanent and safe carbon sink in less than two years.


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