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Americans Agree: After Afghanistan Withdrawal, The U.S. Is Now Less Safe From Al-Qaeda

David Wilezol, the former Chief Speechwriter to the U.S. Secretary of State from 2017 to 2021, discusses the threat al-Qaeda poses to the U.S. after the Afghan withdrawal.


Now that the United States has completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden Administration is eager to downplay the risks of an al-Qaeda resurgence coming from the country. But the American people are keenly aware that the consequences of an American departure from Afghanistan makes them less safe.

According to a new TIPP Insights Poll, 47% of Americans believe America will be more threatened by al-Qaeda now that America has left Afghanistan. Only 14% think America will be less at risk. 26% think that the country faces the same level of threat. 13% weren't sure how the pullout affects the risk to al-Qaeda.

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