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Americans Back Self-Sufficiency Measures to Strengthen National Security and Financial Security for Low-and Middle-Income Families

Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) and Derrick Hollie discuss the vital nature of developing self-sufficiency in critical minerals, oil, and energy.

mining minerals

Most Americans think our nation’s foreign adversaries will target America's energy infrastructure in the future, according to a new TIPP Poll. Americans also believe that the United States should pursue a diverse energy portfolio to protect America's energy channels, and it should increase domestic capacity to produce rare earth and other minerals.

We agree that increasing access to mineral, oil, and gas development on American soil strengthens our economy by providing thousands of Americans with high-paying jobs and tightens national security by decreasing our reliance on foreign adversaries for these important natural resources. We believe commonsense policies to strengthen our national and energy security need to be enacted.

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