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Americans Favor Tougher Measures At The Border

In this article, Sheriff Mark Dannels (Cochise County, AZ) and Chair of the National Sheriffs' Association Border Security Committee, discusses the latest TIPP Poll results on the surge in Central American migrants arriving in the United States.

Migrants in Central America or the Southern region of the United States

In the face of a surge in Central American migrants arriving in the United States, Americans believe that local law enforcement should prioritize enforcing immigration laws.  Before transporting migrants across the country, they also prefer COVID and DNA testing.  Americans want transparency for the overall process and believe the news media should have unrestricted access to detention facilities.  Americans want authorities to notify and obtain permission from elected community leaders before relocating immigrants.  Americans want the government to prioritize citizens hard hit by the pandemic over migrants who have crossed the border regarding economic assistance. These are the main findings of a TIPP poll conducted for the National Sheriffs’ Association last week.

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