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Americans Overwhelmingly Want Local Law Enforcement To Cooperate With U.S. Homeland Security, Transfer Arrested Illegal Immigrants To Federal Custody

Sheriff Mark Dannels (Cochise County, AZ), chair of the National Sheriffs' Association Border Security Committee, discusses the latest TIPP Poll results on cooperation between local law enforcement and US Homeland Security.

ICE Officers

Americans prefer a stricter approach when arresting alleged criminals and a slightly softer approach when arresting migrants who are here illegally but have not engaged in criminal activity, according to a survey by TechnoMetrica's TIPP Poll for the National Sheriffs’ Association, completed recently.

Several states and local jurisdictions are currently sanctuaries where local law enforcement does not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.  This includes a new California policy being considered that would broaden the sanctuary status in the state.  The Biden administration’s nationwide immigration policies have brought interior immigration enforcement to a near standstill.  They also stop or greatly reduce cooperation between sheriffs and other local law enforcement and federal law enforcement. DHS recently announced a reexamination of the successful 287(g) partnership, with an eye towards reducing or eliminating it. The program has kept communities safe for several years and is the backbone of local cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

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