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Americans Ready For A Booster Shot

The FDA will decide on a booster vaccine today. When available, nine out of 10 fully vaccinated Americans will obtain a booster.


Nearly nine out of ten fully vaccinated Americans say they will get a booster shot when available.  The results are from the latest IBD/TIPP Poll of over 1,300 Americans completed in early September.

We asked fully vaccinated Americans: "How likely are you to get a booster shot when they are available?"

The chart shows the answers to the question.

IBD/TIPP Poll Results Americans and the Likelihood of getting a COVID19 vaccine booster shot
IBD/TIPP Poll Results, Americans and the likelihood of getting a COVID19 Vaccine Booster shot of By age and party

Why Does It Matter?

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, recently admitted that there is no clear answer if a booster is necessary or not.

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