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Atta Boy, Joe Manchin

This is a no on this legislation.


The Squad is right. One person ordinarily shouldn't have veto power over the president, the entire Democratic delegation in Washington, and the sprawling coastal states run by progressives and elites.

But BBB was such a terrible policy initiative cleverly designed to change America forever for the worse, rammed through by Democrats on a hyper-partisan basis, unwilling to change the bill following historic electoral losses in Virginia and a near-loss in deep-blue New Jersey. America desperately needed a superhero to save her from financial ruin by preventing an entitlement state from which there would be no return.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin became that superhero this week. Showing that character matters in public life, Manchin announced his opposition to the $5 trillion BBB legislation dealing it a fatal blow. He will be regarded as one of the most influential members to ever serve in the United States Senate.

After Manchin broke the news on Fox News Sunday with a characteristic one-liner, "This is a no on this legislation," Jen Psaki accused him of lying. Manchin's comments "represent a sudden and inexplicable reversal in his position and a breach of his commitments to the President and the Senator's colleagues in the House and Senate."

But what the media elites will never report is that it is the White House that has breached its trust with Manchin and the rest of us by consistently lying and misleading.

Last summer, Psaki insisted that inflation, one of Manchin's main oppositions to BBB, was "transitory." Today, the raging inflation has not been this bad in 40 years, and Manchin stands vindicated.

President Biden made numerous public statements that BBB would cost zero, even inviting mild scorn from progressives. Even the official CBO score showed a modest deficit of $200 billion, small enough for Pelosi to pummel House moderates to vote for BBB.

It was Manchin who stood alone in protest, insisting that the House-passed BBB was a fraud on Americans. All the priorities in the progressives' original $6 trillion boondoggle remained intact in the so-called watered-down BBB.

Each policy priority was made to expire sooner than the 10-year window typical for such bills, some ending in just one year, to make the numbers work for the lazy media establishment to push the narrative that the White House was meeting Manchin's top-line requirements. Manchin knew this was a fraud because no Democrat wanted a childcare tax credit to end in just one year. He knew that Democrats counted on how Washington works: future Congresses would extend the benefit, and all entitlements would be enshrined into law.

Indeed, when senators Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn requested the CBO to score each item in BBB for the ten years, the bill's cost went up to $4.5 trillion with a deficit of $3 trillion.

Psaki, in her usual style, called the CBO score a fake.

Manchin explained this to Bret Baier of Fox News on Sunday: "They're just trying to make the adjustment for the time to fit the money or the money to fit the time."

Manchin had other objections to BBB, too, the kind that reminds high school students of the value of checks and balances in our form of government. Many benefits were overbroad and did not include means-testing. The mounting deficits were untenable, and with the impact of Covid variants on the economy's unknown and "geopolitical" threats from China, Russia, and Iran increasing, an entitlement culture was not something he would support. Finally, major policy initiatives should be bipartisan and not a reconciliation package pushed down a 50-50 senate.

Thank you for saving America, Senator Manchin.  Atta boy!

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