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Beijing's Tentacles Around The World - Operation Fox Hunt

China flouts international law in its efforts to bring alleged criminals and dissidents to justice. Its programs, Fox Hunt and Skynet, are increasingly threatening the liberties of Chinese people living abroad.

Chinese dissident being arrested upon landing in china

Since 2014, China has, on record, brought back to the country over 10,000 alleged criminals from various foreign lands. While no one can criticize a sovereign government for bringing crooks to the books, Beijing's modus operandi necessitates condemnation.

The Chinese government, in effect, the Chinese Communist Party, officially launched Operation Fox Hunt in 2014. Fox Hunt, run under the gambit of the federal police, was another stratagem in President Xi Jinping's anti-corruption drive.

Interestingly, President Xi had unfurled another mammoth vision a year before – the Belt and Road Initiative. Under the guise of mutual cooperation, in the form of massive infrastructure development projects to be undertaken linking Chinese cities and ports to foreign lands (often underdeveloped countries), it has emerged that Beijing often puts in place repressive, civilian repatriation agreements.

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