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Biden And His Party Are Trying To Kill Humanity’s Last Best Hope

Photo by Luke Stackpoole / Unsplash

The president hates America. No? Then why is he, and his Democratic Party, systematically taking down this nation? Leaders who love their country don’t try to leave it on the ash heap of history.

Konstantin Kisin, a Russian-British satirist, recently said on Bill Maher’s show that “people in other parts of the world are not teaching their young children to hate their own country.” Maher, a man of the left, agreed. “This country,” he said, “is better off than a lot of people who are native to it” are willing to admit.

It cannot be argued that there is not an element, loud and strident, in this country that actively agitates against it and doesn’t miss a chance to weaken it. Its ever-outraged members are always found on the political left, and if they’re not Democrats, they caucus with them because they’re more closely aligned with that party’s agenda.

This faction denies America’s superior goodness relative to every other nation that exists or has existed. It rails against our market economy, which has produced far more prosperity than any system that’s ever been tried. Educators teach Marxism not as history but as guideline, twist past events to vilify this nation’s cornerstones, pervert objective math and science into subjective fields of study, undermine our national identity by pushing global citizenship, and tear away at the fabric of society through critical race theory instruction. The left mourns America’s founding, is at war with free speech, is perpetually in conflict with the Judeo-Christian heritage that has molded a nation like no other in history, and misses no chance to further divide an already polarized people. The moral code of the West has been shattered.

The loathing manifests itself in policy. Biden and the Democrats are pushing the country away from the energy independence achieved by the Trump administration toward energy dependency and scarcity. Unrestrained spending has created a $32 trillion debt and record inflation. An erased border has caused a boiled-over humanitarian crisis. A tyrannical regulatory state reverses our progress into modernity, while the impositions of DEI policies help no one but the Democrats.

Meantime, our military is being hollowed out in an era in which nothing could be more dangerous, our global status is sinking, dependence on government is being broadened, and meritocracy murdered.

The left is hard behind policies that create despair among traditional Republican voters through culture wars, defunding the police, and encouraging rioters. The great progressive hope is those voters will give up on elections, setting up the Democrats for a permanent rule that will allow them to freely do whatever they wish to, including taking the country down several notches, a dream of the progressives for more decades than most of us have been alive.

If the United States fails, if it becomes just another country, as so many on the left want it to be, then there is no template left for other nations to follow, and that is tragic.

Not that the U.S. is perfect – it is not because it is made of humans, all of whom are flawed. But no other nation in history had freed more people, expanded wealth as extensively, opened opportunity so widely, and applied the law as justly as America has.

God bless the United States of America, now maybe more than ever.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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