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President Biden Could Learn From The WTA's Resolve

The WTA is a global role model.

Peng Shuai Professional Chinese Tennis Player

In the world of boycotts, the threat of boycotts, and counter-threats, there are three kinds.

The first is when the initial offending action is hushed, and the party meekly submits to the aggressor, voting heavily in favor of profits and ignoring its moral principles.

In October 2019, the Houston Rockets Basketball team's general manager Daryl Morey tweeted an image with the words, "Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong." Morey's tweet was from his private account, but the backlash from China was extraordinarily swift. Although Morey deleted his tweet quickly, China used its market power to punish the NBA, suspending the broadcast of Rockets games in China. The Chinese Basketball Association put its relationship with the Rockets on hold.

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Iran-Israel Military Strength Compared

Iran-Israel Military Strength Compared

Shadow warfare between Israel and Iran increasingly threatens to spill over into open conflict. Iran avoids state-on-state hostility by pursuing asymmetrical warfare through proxy armies.

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