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Biden Desperately Needs A Marketing Guru

The government has enough data to make a convincing argument in favor of vaccination. Unfortunately, no one in the administration is using the data effectively.


Since taking office, nearly everything President Biden has done uses the vast levers of government power to force Americans to behave the way he wants them to. Vaccine mandates ushered through OSHA and CMS, and dubious executive orders (remember the CDC eviction moratorium?) have all been stopped by the courts.

Biden's approach is characteristic of people dedicated to public service who have never held a private-sector position, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden's chief Covid advisor. Or, Jen Psaki, Biden's telegenic spokesperson. Or Vice President Kamala Harris. Honest persuasion - the kind that private companies employ to sell products and services - appears not to be in their dictionary.

About 60% of Americans are fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, far short of the administration's goal as the country enters the winter months and prepares for the unknown Omicron variant. The White House has thrown the government's kitchen sink at the problem by doing what it does best. Spend bucket loads of money under hastily-passed emergency bills and rule with an iron fist. The results are mixed, and the country is more divided than under former President Trump.

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