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Biden – The President And The Statesman – Disappoints

By exploiting Jan 6 anniversary to point fingers instead of leading the nation on a path towards healing, President Biden failed miserably, both as a President and as a statesman.


President Biden, whose disapproval ratings continue to climb and policy proposals are stuck in Congress, chose on January 6 to further divide an already polarized nation. He had one thing going for him - that he was an elder statesman who could work with both sides of the aisle - and he lost that shine when he bitterly attacked former President Trump.

Biden could have chosen to take a different path by solemnly marking the events of last year's riots as a one-time occurrence by some unruly pro-Trump supporters that went out of hand. As a former VP himself, he could have invoked bipartisanship by recognizing former VP Pence for upholding democratic traditions. He could have stressed that no one should draw any conclusions about January 6 until after the panel has had a chance to release its report.

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