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Biden's Financial Scandal Escalates: $20-30 Million Transferred, Says Comer - Video

Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, via Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday, Representative James Comer (R-Kentucky) appeared on Maria Bartiromo's show on Fox Business. During the interview, he discussed into the alleged influence peddling by Joe Biden, the dysfunction within the FBI, and the ongoing investigation regarding foreign money transfers to the Biden family. Comer said millions have already been identified, and there are expectations of further revelations in the near future.

  • Comer acknowledged concerns about the FBI's lack of action and asserted that Christopher Wray has no control over the organization.
  • Comer described the FBI as an organization in disarray, with partisan administrative bureaucrats running the show.
  • Comer predicted that more money transfers would be identified, which will be difficult for Joe Biden to explain.
  • Comer said that they have identified over $10 million in money Biden took from foreign nationals, which is expected to reach $20-30 million.


Biden's Financial Scandal Escalates: $20-30 Million Transferred, Says Comer


BARTIROMO: “If this is all true about a sitting president when he was vice president influence peddling, accepting money from foreign national so that he could turn around and make changes in policy for America, so he could pocket the money, if that’s true, why isn’t he impeached already? And if it’s true that the FBI is doing nothing about it, why isn’t Christopher Wray on his heels as well?”

COMER: “Those are great questions, I ask every day. Look, Christopher Wray has no control over the FBI. One thing that I’ve learned from dealing with Grassley’s whistleblowers is that this is an organization in disarray. No one has confidence in leadership at the top. You have bureaucrats, deep state bureaucrats, who are running the show. They’re partisan. They want to get Donald Trump, they don’t care what Joe Biden does, because Joe Biden can be controlled. So we have issues with the FBI, but my investigation is about following the money. We’re going to continue to follow the money. And, Maria, I can assure you, there’s more money that we’re going to be able to identify that was transferred between foreign nationals in other countries and the Biden family. This is going to be hard for Joe Biden to explain and it’s not going to go away. This is going to be an issue and I think eventually, the mainstream media will turn on Joe Biden and start asking the real questions: What did your family do to receive all this money?”

BARTIROMO: “What number are you up to now? How much have you identified in the money he’s taken in from foreign nationals?”

COMER: “We have more bank — we have more bank records coming in, but we’re going to exceed $10 million this week, and I think we’ll get up between $20 million and 30 million.”