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China Warns McCarthy Against Planned Taiwan Visit

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Source - Wikimedia Commons

By Antonino Cambria for Daily Caller News Foundation

Following a report that Republican House Speaker McCarthy planned on visiting Taiwan, the Chinese government warned him against it Monday, according to a Bloomberg report.

The Pentagon is preparing for McCarthy to visit Taiwan this spring, according to Punchbowl News. During a news briefing Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning indirectly warned the speaker when asked about a report of his plans, according to Bloomberg.

“We urge certain individuals in the US to earnestly abide by the one-China principle,” Ning said, according to Bloomberg. The one-China principle refers to China’s belief that they and Taiwan are part of the same country.

In August, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to the island, becoming the first speaker to do so in 25 years. In response, the Chinese military fired missiles over Taiwan. McCarthy had stated at the time that he planned on making a visit of his own if he won the speakership.

Bejing had warned that there would be a “forceful” response if Pelosi went through with the visit.

To normalize relations with Beijing, the U.S. stopped its previous recognition of Taiwan’s government over 40 years ago.

During the presser, Mao also said while China hoped to resolve this dispute peacefully, it would “Never promise to give up the use of force” in its efforts to unify both sides.

The warning also comes after a Friday memo by Air Force general Mike Minihan instructed officers to prepare for war with China within two years.

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