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China’s Population Decline Accelerates - Infographic

Covid-related deaths likely accelerated China’s declining population in 2023, presenting more challenges for a government already dealing with economic deflation and a property crisis.

Photo by zhang kaiyv / Unsplash

Covid-related deaths, brought about by China’s abrupt lifting of pandemic restrictions at the end of 2022, likely accelerated its declining population last year.

Figures released by the National Statistics Bureau show the population of China fell by 2.1 million people in 2023 – a downward trend that began in 2022 when its population declined by 300,000.

Deaths rose to 11.1 million last year, while births fell to 9 million – 30% of China’s population is expected to be aged 60 years or over by 2032.

The demographic shift poses long-term challenges to a government already dealing with deflation and a property crisis.