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China's Winter Games On Thin Ice

Calls for a boycott of the Winter Games to be held in Beijing are beginning to bear fruit. A diplomatic boycott will take the sheen off the prestigious sporting event.


The Winter Olympics is just a few short months away. As athletes buckle down and train harder for the Olympic gold, human rights organizations and lawmakers are ramping up the pressure to boycott the games.

What is irking many is the venue of the Winter Olympics – China.

Right from the torch lighting ceremony held at Olympia in Greece, protestors have been calling attention to the plight of the Uyghurs, China's oppression of Tibetans, and the country's atrocious human rights violations. Despite the U.S. and other countries recognizing the detention and repression of the ethnic population of Xinjiang, by China, as genocide, the country remains the chosen host for the prestigious competitions.

The fact gains significance in the light of events from 1993. Then China failed in its first attempt to host the mega sporting event. The NYT reported then, "Beijing's candidacy appears to have fallen victim to China's human rights record and arguments by Western politicians and human rights groups that a Government that continues to repress dissidents should not be rewarded with the honor of holding the 2000 Olympics."

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