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COMER: Bidens Laundered $10 Million Through 20+ Shell Companies And Multiple Banks - Video


On Thursday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Representative Comer appeared on the Fox Business Network show Mornings With Maria Bartiromo to make a shocking claim about the Bidens. Comer alleged that the Bidens had laundered $10 million through multiple banks and over 20 shell companies. According to Comer, the Biden family could not explain how they received the money, and the suspicious activity reports from the bank indicate a clear pattern of money laundering.

Bidens Laundered $10 Million Through 20+ Shell Companies and Multiple Banks - Video

COMER: “We’ve identified about 20 plus shell companies that the Bidens have created to launder the money they were receiving from foreign nationals down to their personal bank accounts. We’ve identified about 12 different banks that they were laundering this money through. Maria, what we presented yesterday was from four banks. We have eight more banks to go. But what we found is thus far $10 million that I don’t think a single member of the Biden family can explain how they received was deposited into the Biden family account. And the way they did it, the way they transferred money around is honestly why they got so many suspicious activity reports from the bank. Because it’s a pattern of money laundering. So there’s clearly a trail of corruption here that leads all the way to the top. I mean, why else would the Biden family be receiving this money were it not for the big guy?”