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Do Americans Still Trust Established Media Outlets?

This article investigates how much confidence Americans place in conventional news outlets, alternative news outlets, and media-published political surveys. We use party affiliation and ideology to analyze the situation.

Donald Trump and President of Germany Angela Merkel addressing congress

The readership and viewership of traditional and well-established news outlets have been steadily eroding over the years. While this is mainly attributed to the rising popularity of internet-based news platforms, the strong perception that traditional media favors one side of the story over the other plays an undisputed role.

TechoMetrica conducted a poll to scrutinize how much trust the time-honored news media still enjoy among Americans. The data clearly showed their declining popularity, though it wasn't as shocking as some would have one assume.

Traditional News Media

Our poll revealed that the country is almost split in half when it comes to the level of trust people still have in traditional news outlets like Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, CBS News, etc. Overall,

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