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Dr. Deb Bright

Dr. Deborah Bright, President of Bright Enterprises, is best known as a leadership and performance coach. Her clients include executives and managers at all levels, as well as professional athletes, investment bankers, small business owners, and other individuals who seek to advance their standing in the workplace. Once ranked among the top ten U.S. women divers, Dr.Deb, as she is known by her clients, uses her experience in competitive diving as the foundation of her insights into the architecture underlying individual and team performance. After earning her doctorate in education from Arizona State University, she went on to serve on the faculty of New York University and contributed as a fellow at the American Institute of Stress. For the past seven years she has served on the prestigious Arizona State Board of Opticians on behalf of the Governor of the State of Arizona. Her workshops, presentations and executive coaching skills have been utilized by a variety of organizations including Vistage, Women Corporate Directors, Marriott, Raytheon Technologies, Tucson Electric Power, and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and top financial institutions, among others.

As a best-selling author, Dr. Deb has been published by Random House, McGraw Hill, Harcourt, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins.

Her most recent book is The Pro-Achievement Principle: Cultivate Personal Skills for Effective Teams