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Elon Musk Stands Firm On Free Speech: Money And Consequences Won't Silence Him - Video


In a candid exchange on CNBC, Elon Musk defends his Twitter use despite concerns raised about its impact on Tesla. Musk's unapologetic stance reflects a willingness to prioritize free speech over potential financial repercussions, drawing parallels to a memorable scene from "The Princess Bride."

Elon Musk Stands Firm on Free Speech: Money And Consequences Won't Silence Him - Video

FABER: God, no. I don't want to at all. But what I'm trying even came up, though, in the annual meeting. I mean, do your tweets hurt the company? Are there Tesla owners who say, I don't agree with his political position, and I know it because he shares so much of it?  Or are there advertisers on Twitter that Linda Yaccarino will come and say, you got to stop, man. I can't get these ads because of some of the things you tweet. I it.

MUSK: I'm reminded of the scene in The Princess Bride

FABER: Great movie great.

MUSK: Where he confronts the person who killed his father, and he says, Offer me money. Offer me power. I don't care.

FABER: So you just don't care. You want to share what you have to say.

MUSK: I'll say what I want to say, and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.

FABER: Okay.