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Evidence Suggests Russia Blew Up Kakhovka Dam - Infographics

Дзюбак Володимир via Wikimedia Commons

Evidence suggests that Russia blew up a Ukrainian dam that collapsed earlier this month while under Russian control, according to the New York Times.

Citing engineers and explosive experts, the newspaper said on Friday that its investigation found evidence suggesting an explosive charge in a passageway running through the dam’s concrete base detonated, destroying the structure on June 6.

The Kremlin accuses Kyiv of sabotaging the hydroelectric dam, which held a reservoir the size of the U.S. Great Salt Lake, to cut off a key water source for Crimea and distract attention from a “faltering” counter-offensive against Russian forces.

Ukraine accuses Russia of blowing up the Soviet-era dam, under Russian control since the early days of its invasion in 2022, unleashing floodwater across a large swath of the battleground, destroying farmland, and cutting off water supplies to civilians, Reuters said.



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