For A Lasting Agreement With Tehran

For A Lasting Agreement With Tehran

As negotiations to revive the 2015 JCPOA continue, it is imperative that a resolute international action is galvanized to urge Iran to stick to the deal.

tippinsights Editorial Board

Talks to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal with the hardline anti-Western President Ebrahim Raisi's delegation are running into foul weather. An emboldened Iran is sticking to its demands, much to the dismay of the P5+1, the deal's other signatories.

After a five-month hiatus following the Iranian elections, the international community cautiously welcomed the resumption of talks. But, the negotiations have been derailed by the Iranians' backtracking on the draft agreed upon earlier.

Iran has enhanced its capabilities to enrich uranium, in retaliation to President Trump's unilateral withdrawal from the deal, in 2018. By some reports and estimates, the regime has advanced its nuclear capabilities making the deal much weaker in the past few years.