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Four Virologists Suggested Lab Origin For Covid-19 To Fauci: Dr. Makary - Video


During an interview with Jon Scott of Fox News, Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon and public policy researcher at Johns Hopkins University, stated that four virologists had directly told Dr. Fauci that they believed Covid-19 originated from a lab.

Four Virologists Suggested Lab Origin For Covid-19 To Fauci: Dr. Makary" - Video

Here's the transcript:

SCOTT: “Some argue that we have to be forking over money to China to participate in this kind of research. Otherwise, they won’t know what they’re doing, do you buy that argument?”

MAKARY: “I don’t think we should have a small nuclear meltdown under controlled conditions to understand nuclear energy. You are playing with fire in the situations. In the same with frank and signing dangerous viruses. It should never take place. You have to factor the possibility of something going wrong. I think what is going to be difficult for Dr. Fauci to defend in future hearings is that four virologists told him directly that they thought it came from the lab. Two of them suddenly changed their tune and wrote an article saying it definitely did not come from the lab just days later. If I were advising the president right now I would encourage them to show some humility, acknowledge mistakes and call for an international all-out ban on gain of function research in perpetuity.”