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Global Executions Surge To 5-Year High - Infographics

At least 883 people were executed in 2022, a rise of more than 50% on the previous year, as several Middle Eastern states ramped up their use of the death penalty.

Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia accounted for 90% of all known executions.

Iran executed 576 people last year (314 in 2021), Saudi Arabia 196 people (65 in 2021), and Egypt 24 people. Amnesty noted that the executions in Saudi Arabia were the highest recorded in 30 years.

Amnesty was also able to confirm that executions were carried out in North Korea, Vietnam, Syria and Afghanistan, but there was insufficient information to provide credible minimum figures.

Data on the death penalty is classified in China, which Amnesty said impaired its ability to make an accurate assessment about the numbers put to death in the country.

Nearly 40% of all executions last year were for drug-related offences. Drug-related executions are in clear violation of international human rights law which states that executions should only be carried out for the “most serious crimes” (crimes that involve intentional killing).