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Photo by Andy Cat / Unsplash

The world’s nine nuclear-armed states are continuing to modernize their nuclear arsenals, with the number of warheads in military stockpiles for potential use rising by 86 to 9,576 last year.

There are now an estimated 12,512 warheads globally, of which 9,576 are in military stockpiles ready for potential use, up 86 on a year ago. a leading conflict think-tank has said, warning that the world was entering a dangerous phase.

Russia and the U.S. together possess almost 90% of all the nuclear weapons globally, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said in a statement.

China, the world’s third-biggest nuclear power, is believed to have increased its number of warheads from 350 in January 2022 to 410 in January 2023. That arsenal is expected to keep growing.