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GOP Voters By HUGE Margin Say Nikki Haley Should Exit White House Race As Chance Of Beating Trump Is 'Negligible,' Our First-Of-Its-Kind Poll Shows

Haley vows to stay in the contest even after her dismal showing in Nevada.

TOPSHOT - Former UN ambassador and 2024 presidential hopeful Nikki Haley speaks during a get-out-the-vote Pizza and Politics campaign event at the Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire, on January 20, 2024. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP)
Editor's note: This story by James Reinl, based on the Poll, appeared on the DailyMail website.

Republican voters by a huge margin say former South Carolina Gov Nikki Haley should drop her bid for the GOP presidential nomination, as her chances of catching up to front-runner Donald Trump are 'negligible.'

Fully 57 percent of registered Republican primary voters say Haley should exit the race, our poll shows. Less than a third say she should keep running; another 13 percent said they were not sure.

Our nationwide survey of nearly 600 GOP primary voters was carried out earlier this month, after Haley's losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, but before her humiliating showing in Nevada's primary on Wednesday.

In the Silver State's primary, voters by a wide margin selected 'none of these candidates' over Haley, who called the confusing primary-caucus combo a 'scam,' and vowed to press ahead with her campaign.

Nikki Haley fares slightly better among women and young adult GOP voters, out poll shows

MAGA supporters took to social media to urge Haley to drop out. 

'She's still hanging around as if she's going to pull a path to victory out of a hat,' posted X/Twitter user John Sandor. 

'When will she get it? We just don't like her.'

Others called her a 'birdbrain' with a 'room temperature IQ' who is 'vindictive, evil, short-sighted and psychotic' but more importantly 'losing big' in her White House race.

The X/Twitter user Silent Silas said her campaign was 'utterly embarrassing for modern day American politics.'

Haley responded to her critics and 'trolls,' saying 'there are always going to be haters and doubters' and vowing to keep her struggling campaign afloat.

She admits she is trailing far behind former president Trump among Republican primary voters, but says she's better placed to defeat the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden in November's contest.

A woman is seen voting in Tuesday's Nevada primary. 'We always knew Nevada was a scam,' Haley told Fox Business' Charles Payne. 'Trump had it rigged from the very beginning, there are multiple press stories on that' 

Our survey suggests she has a mountain to climb.

GOP voters from all regions of the US said Haley should simply call it a day and withdraw.

All respondents aged 25 and above overwhelmingly said she should exit the race.

Women GOP voters were slightly more favorable to Haley — 55 percent of them said she should quit running, compared to 59 percent of men.

Still, they did not offer a ringing endorsement. 

A fifth of women respondents said they were 'not sure' what the former UN ambassador should do next.

Haley, for her part, says she's gunning for a better showing in South Carolina's primary on February 24 — even though she trails Trump in polls for her home state. 

Michigan's GOP primary will be held three days later on February 27.

And then 15 states and one territory will vote on Super Tuesday on March 5. 

Super Tuesday looks to be Haley's last chance to stop Trump's march to the Republican nomination, as a number of states have some version of winner-take-all rules, which would make the ex-president's delegate lead insurmountable.

'Our focus is on South Carolina, going into Michigan, going into Super Tuesday, those are the places that we're worried about,' Haley said.

'We're not focused on Nevada, we never were.'

On Wednesday, Haley was forging ahead with her campaign, making multiple stops in California, including an evening Los Angeles rally.

Currently, Trump has 33 delegates to Haley's 17, but he's on the cusp of picking up another 26 in Thursday evening's Nevada Republican caucus, while Haley won't earn any.

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