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GORDON CHANG: We Are Being Bullied By China - Video

Stuart Varney, Fox Business News recently interviewed Gordon Chang, a Gatestone Institute senior fellow on the topic of Taiwan and U.S.-China relations on Thursday.

Gordon Chang argueed that the U.S. should be militarily prepared to defend Taiwan against China.


STUART VARNEY: All right, Gordon Chang is where this is our China expert. Gordon, if China were to invade, what should we do?

GORDON CHANG: We should certainly militarily defend Taiwan, but we can prevent an invasion by beforehand being clear that we will defend Taiwan and prepositioning ammunition and other supplies on the island, something we did not do in Ukraine. So there are steps that we can establish to deterrence or reestablished deterrence, and we're not taking them right now, which means that war looks increasingly likely.

STUART VARNEY: Why is President Biden not taking those steps?

GORDON CHANG: Because he wants to maintain open lines of communication with China. He wants Beijing's cooperation on things like climate change. And he believes that if he does not take a robust stance that Beijing will ghost him, which is what it's doing right now, because it's not permitting, for instance, Secretary of State Blinken to go to Beijing, which Biden clearly wants.

So we are not defending our interests. We are actually supporting China’s policies that attack us in the Middle East and elsewhere because we want this cooperation. I think that this is totally misguided on the part of Biden.

STUART VARNEY: Would you say that we're being bullied?

GORDON CHANG: We certainly are being bullied. And there have been so many examples of that, of things that we're not doing. Just to take an obscure one. We are not opening a consulate in Dakla, which we told Morocco that we would do. This is certainly in our interest. We're not doing it because we do not want to anger the pro-Algeria stance that China has taken. And so, clearly, we're at a point where we're not defending the interests of our friends and allies.

Remember, Morocco was the first country to recognize the U.S. diplomatically, and we're abandoning it because Biden thinks it's a good idea to please Beijing.

STUART VARNEY: Okay, Gordon, thanks very much for being with us. I know you'll come back soon because this is an ongoing story, and we want your input. Gordon Chang, everyone. Thank you very much, sir.