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ADAM DICK: Government is the ‘Victim’ of Doctor Accused of Giving Out Coronavirus Vaccine Cards Without Shots

United States Census, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Written By Adam Dick, the Ron Paul Institute

This week, the United States Department of Justice charged in a Utah federal court Michael Kirk Moore, Jr. — a medical doctor — and three other individuals with crimes. The so-called crimes arise from allegation that the individuals helped adults who did not want to take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots obtain cards verifying they had taken the shots when shots were instead destroyed, as well as that the individuals provided cards verifying shots along with the injecting of saline shots instead of coronavirus shots into children, all at the request of the children’s parents.

Vaccination record cards provided to patients would have allowed them to keep their jobs and continue participating in normal activities of life in the face of vaccine mandates and vaccine passport requirements.

This prosecution is all about a victimless crime. Nobody was hurt. Rather, the patients received what they wanted — verification of shots receipt placed in their hands, plus no coronavirus shots injected in their arms.

But the US government is not letting the absence of victims among the doctor’s patients stop it from prosecuting.

As related by Jordan Miller in a Thursday Salt Lake Tribune article, each of the four defendants has been “indicted on three counts: conspiracy to defraud the United States; conspiracy to convert, sell, convey, and dispose of government property;and the conversion, sale, conveyance, and disposal of government property and aiding and abetting.”

Got that? The purported injury has all been experienced by the US government. The government is painting itself as the victim to justify pressing charges.

The case pretty much has to be that way. The much trumpeted as “safe and effective” coronavirus shots have turned out to be neither. Even if the doctor had deceptively given out saline shots when patients thought they were receiving coronavirus shots, what medical damage would his patients be able to claim — the lack of a chance to suffer from the many health problems the dud shots cause? Given the coronavirus shots are no good at even preventing transmission of coronavirus, there would also be nothing for third parties to complain about. They were no more endangered by being around no shots or saline shots recipients than by being around people who received the Operation Warp Speed injections.

No harm, no foul, right? Well, the US government does not see it that way. It is very proud of its defective product and does not want anyone just throwing it away.

Despite the US government having many employees supposedly dedicated to protecting Americans from defective and dangerous products, it views it as a crime for a doctor to protect patients from the US government and its select pharmaceutical corporate partner’s own defective and dangerous shots. While the US government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission is targeting gas stoves of all things for elimination, the Department of Justice is dedicating itself to fighting avoidance of clot (and much more) shot injections.

The US government is trying to paint Dr. Moore and his fellow defendants as villains. But, from the information that has come out so far, it appears that Jordan Schachtel, who has written much about the US government’s wrongdoing in the name of countering coronavirus, has a much better take. Dr. Moore “is an absolute hero,” opined Schachtel on Saturday at Twitter.

The problem is that heroism that challenges the US government is just the sort of thing for which US prosecutors can and do seek punishment.

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