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I&I/TIPP Poll Shocker: Trump Beats Biden In Presidential Poll In Every U.S. Region But One

Buyer's remorse?

President Joe Biden of The United States of America

When it comes to President Biden, are voters starting to have a serious case of buyers' remorse? It sure looks that way. A new I&I/TIPP Poll limited to those who voted in the 2020 election shows former President Donald Trump sharply narrowing the gap between him and Biden and leading across most of the country if the election were held today.

For all intents and purposes, based on current voter sentiment and the margin of error, it's a virtual dead heat between Trump and Biden, with Trump having all the momentum.

The data come from the October I&I/TIPP Poll of 1,308 adults was conducted online from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2 by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, I&I’s polling partner. The analysis for this story is based 955 Americans who voted in 2020 and revealed their 2020 vote.  The margin of error for the analysis is +/-3.3 percentage points.

In it, we asked: "If the presidential election were held today, and the following were the candidates, for whom would you vote?" Respondents were given the choices of "Donald Trump," "Joe Biden," "Other," or "Not sure."

Overall, Biden still leads Trump by 45% to 44%, with 6% choosing "other" and 5% saying "not sure."

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