Is President Biden's Vaccine Mandate Myopic?

Is President Biden's Vaccine Mandate Myopic?

President Biden's vaccine mandate faces hurdles according to our data.

tippinsights Editorial Board

President Biden recently announced a plan that requires more than 80 million Americans working in the private sector to get a COVID vaccine or produce a negative test result at least once a week.

The plan mandates that most federal employees receive the vaccine instead of regular testing.

All Medicare and Medicaid-participating hospitals and other health care facilities must vaccinate their staff, which would impact more than 17 million workers.

Will Biden's vaccine mandate achieve its goal?

The chances are slim.


The latest IBD/TIPP Poll of 1,300 Americans completed in early September may answer this question.

First, though the public at large supports the vaccine mandate, what matters are vax resisters.  They are a much smaller segment.  In the latest IBD/TIPP Poll, a quarter (23%) are hesitant to get the vaccine. Safety concerns are the main reason for not getting a vaccine among vaccine resisters.