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Israel Mulls Response To Iranian Drone And Missile Attack

Israeli retaliation for Iran’s missile attack will focus on reestablishing deterrence and preventing similar attacks, but any response risks pushing the Middle East further toward all-out war.

Photo by Taylor Brandon / Unsplash

Israel's military options include strikes on Iranian allies and proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, as well as targeting Iran itself.

Israel's response will be driven in part by the Israeli government's perception of the risk of overt conflict with Iran, the degree to which the United States supports the response, and the Cabinet's perception of public support for the type of escalation against Iran, according to U.S. intelligence publishing Stratfor.

Allies, including the United States, have urged Israel not to risk igniting a wider regional conflict, and President Joe Biden has made clear U.S. forces would not join any retaliatory attack on Iran.