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President Joe Biden of course adopted a sanctimonious stance when it was reported that classified documents were found at Donald Trump’s Florida estate. “Totally irresponsible,” said the man who has been keeping classified documents going back to his years in the Senate.

As infuriating as his comment was, Biden might be guilty of more than hypocrisy.

Biden has left a growing trail of classified documents behind him, including papers from his Senate “service” as well as his terms as vice president. They’ve been turned up at Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington – the “think tank” where Biden kept an office and which helped the University of Pennsylvania rake in ​​$30 million from Chinese interests – and the president’s Delaware residence. The more Justice Department agents look, the more they find. Despite his Gertrude Stein protest, there is a there there.

So, is Biden a kleptomaniac (the American people deserve to know if their president is a crook)? Were the documents misplaced by careless staffers? If so, why didn’t Biden choose more trustworthy aides, administration hands who knew which documents were hot and needed to be stored in a secure space?

Or, is it possible that Biden been covering the tracks of his decades of corruption?

It’s clear that Biden and his “family business” are corrupt. No one thinks that there’s been no influence-peddling in connection with son Hunter’s financial arrangements with his foreign associates. The same with Biden’s younger brother James. We know this because of the stone wall set up by federal authorities and the media. If there’s nothing to hide, why has so much hiding been going on?

We feel we’re on solid ground to say that the “Big Guy” who was to get a cut from the feedbag filled by Hunter’s multi-million-dollar global business deals is Joe Biden. Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski says he is. Apparently another former business partner, James Gilliar, has said the same. If he’s not, then let’s have a probe that clears the air and identifies just who the Big Guy is.

It’s also known, as we reported earlier, that ​​millions of dollars of documented payments were made to the Bidens from officials in Russia, Ukraine and China.

What else do we know? That Biden lied when he said he had nothing to do with Hunter’s business. Turns out he met with more than a dozen of Hunter’s business associates, at least three of them in the White House while he was vice president. Are we to believe that nothing took place at these meetings other than Biden spinning lies about his past before a rapt audience?

There is, as others have said, a stink of corruption around Biden. But it’s not a new odor – it has been around him for much of his public service, which could be better described as “self service.” He is one bum among many who should be thrown out.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board