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KASH PATEL: Classified Docs Scandal Meant to Stop Biden From Running in 2024


Kash Patel made the following comments on the topic of Biden documents in a video recorded for the Epoch TV.

  • I don't believe for one second that this investigation of the classified documents began in November of 2022, like we're being told now. But I still believe that there is going to be more and more and more classified documents found.
  • They don't want Joe Biden to run for reelection. And I believe they're clearing the political wickets for whoever might come next.
  • Are they going to subpoena Hunter Biden and say, who's responsible for this money?
  • Where did it come from? Why did you pay your dad that much in rent? Why didn’t President Biden declare his rental income on his tax returns?

Original video

Biden Classified Docs Must Be Added to Investigation List of New Committee

In another recording, Kash Patel goes on to say the following.

  • It's the most compartmented, classified, highly secret information in the U.S. Government. Why did Joe Biden take it?
  • The Washington Post is no friend of President Trump or anyone in his universe. That article wasn't widely spread. Why did they write it?
  • When it was referred for prosecution to the FBI and DOJ, it was assigned to this U. S. Attorney in Illinois. Why this guy?
  • Hundreds of people, in my estimation, have been subpoenaed. Why has that not happened here?
  • A sitting president of the United States is the sole arbiter of classification. You know who does not have that power? A vice president.

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