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KIRBY: U.S. Didn't Buy A Drone From Radioshack And Launch It, Putin's Spokesperson Lying - Video


In this exchange on the Morning Joe show on Thursday, John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesperson, denies any involvement by the United States in the drone attack in Russia that Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesperson, had suggested was caused by Washington. Kirby also addresses Speaker McCarthy's recent comments on supporting Ukraine, stating that the Pentagon welcomes the support and is committed to it.

Kirby: US Didn't Buy A Drone From Radioshack And Launch It, Putin's Spokesperson Lying - Video

KIRBY: “So on the first question, we still don’t really know what happened. So we’re — we’re not making an assessment right now. I did see comments from Dmitry Peskov this morning, Putin’s flack and — claiming that we had something to do with it, Washington. I can assure you that there was no involvement by the United States. And this, whatever it was, it didn’t involve us.”

SCARBOROUGH: “You’re saying we didn’t buy a drone from RadioShack and launched like three of —“


SCARBOROUGH: “— yeah, three —“ [crosstalk]

BRZEZINSKI: “With a walkie-talkie?”

KIRBY: “Basically — basically —“

SCARBOROUGH: “We don’t do RadioShack.”

KIRBY: “— we — we don’t do that. And we had nothing to do with this. So Peskov is just lying there, pure and simple. And then on Speaker McCarthy. Look, we — we — we welcome his comments about support for Ukraine. We certainly agree that Ukraine needs to continue to receive support, as the president has said, for as long as it takes. You just saw us again, another — another package here this week. So we’re — we’re committed to that. We’re glad to see that the speaker is to. And frankly, you know, if you look at there’s a small minority, mostly in the House, of Republicans who are becoming vocal about not supporting Ukraine, but they are a small minority. Most of the House Republicans are still in favor of supporting Ukraine. Certainly the leadership is and we’re grateful for that. I mean, there’s been terrific bipartisan and bicameral support here and that’s a good thing. And again, I think Speaker McCarthy’s comments spoke to that. And I agree with Joe it was heartwarming to also see him push back on the — on the Russian state Reporter. I mean, he wasn’t taking any guff from these guys, they’re propaganda organs, nothing more. And it was good — it was good to hear him say that.”

SCARBOROUGH: “I mean Speaker McCarthy sent such a strong message to people who think that you can divide Americans over Ukraine.”