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Kudlow: Team Biden's China Appeasement


No matter how the Bidens try to play it, the Blinken talks with China were another disastrous setback for the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Remember him?

He was the one who quarterbacked the phony Gang of 51 group of senior intel people who swore up and down that the Hunter Biden laptop was really a Russian disinformation operation.

That’s right, the very same Mr. Blinken who pulled that off to save Joe Biden in the second presidential campaign debate in 2020 with Donald Trump.

The very same Antony Blinken who was really nothing more than a third-string political operative for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.

That’s right. That’s the Blinken.

Who couldn’t even get a U.S.-China military communications channel from the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

A headline from the New York Post today sums it up: “Beijing Brushoff Nixes U.S. Military Channel.”

Then there’s another headline: “Blinken blinks on Taiwan Independence.”


In China no less, Mr. Blinken was unable to stand up for Taiwanese freedom.

No one’s asking him to break the so-called ‘One China’ policy, although I personally think that’s a lousy policy.

But he could’ve said something about preserving Taiwanese freedom, couldn’t he?!

Just say it so an American representative will have said it.

Speaker Pelosi said it. Speaker McCarthy said it. A gaggle of Republican and Democratic lawmakers have said it.

Yet Mr. Blinken, this third-string dirty tricks operative, couldn’t say it.

And then there’s another headline: “China seeks site in Cuba for Joint Training” – that’s on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Wait a minute  — Didn’t Mr. Blinken deny that there were Chinese operators in Cuba just a few days ago?

Didn’t Mr. Biden’s spokesman, John Kirby, also deny it?

Oh, it’s much worse than just a spying site. It’s now a joint military operation in Cuba — 90 miles from the United States.

Or, here’s a New York Sun article: “While America Sleeps, Communist China Builds Influence in the Caribbean.”

Ten Caribbean nations signed up for China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Besides Cuba, you’ve got Grenada, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, and a bunch of others.

Roads, ports, energy, and telecom — these Caribbean nations now depend on Beijing patronage.

Then there’s the continuing saga of Joe Biden brushing off the Chinese spy balloon over the United States, saying Chinese leaders didn’t really know about it.

President Biden never told us who knew about it, but it couldn’t have been the Chinese leaders, right? Wrong.

Then, of course, the Chinese defense minister refused to meet with our Secretary of Defense.

And then, of course, no discussion of the origins of Covid. Which, by now, everyone knows leaked from a lab at Wuhan, China. Which killed 1.1 million Americans, and Lord knows how many other people in the rest of the world, including China itself.

And then, of course, China is deep into Iran, fomenting nothing but mischief throughout the Middle East.

Wait a minute, is this the same Iran that the Bidens are now poised to yet again go back into deal mode with, providing them with roughly $7 billion of financial assistance?

Another foreign policy triumph for the Bidens.

The trouble with the Biden story is they don’t know their friends from their enemies.

Even Jimmy Carter figured out in his last eighteen months that Soviet Communism was a bad idea.

The Bidens believe China is some kind of friendly competitor. You know, like France or Germany. If only we’d have better communication, or perhaps we could reason with them.

Yet under Joe Biden, China and their communist government are running wild throughout the globe.

And they are our hammer-and-tongs, life-or-death adversaries.

They are totalitarians. They seek to dominate us. Wherever they go, they stomp out freedom and democracy.

Technological weaponry, financial weaponry, cyber weaponry — heck, even balloon weaponry.

I can’t wait for American voters to put a stop to all this appeasement.

Save America. End this craziness.

From Mr. Kudlow’s broadcast on Fox Business News.

Larry Kudlow was the Director of the National Economic Council under President Trump from 2018-2021. His Fox Business show "Kudlow" airs at 4 p.m &. and his radio show airs on 770 ABC from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



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