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KUDLOW: Bragg Risks Being Overruled by His Own Grand Jury

Alvin Bragg, Screenshot

As you know by now, the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, canceled the grand jury meeting that was scheduled to take place today. He was expected to hear from at least one additional final witness, and many thought he would announce an indictment of President Trump.

Now, Mr. Bragg, of course, is a renegade, left-wing radical D.A., the author of no-bail, no-jail, soft-on-crime policies in New York City backed by the far-left George Soros.

A Trump rival, Governor DeSantis, said on Monday that Mr. Bragg and others like him “have weaponized their office to impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety.” Another potential Trump rival for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, Vice President Pence, called it a “politically charged prosecution.”

A constitutional legal scholar, Jonathan Turley, called the allegations concerning Stormy Daniels “legally pathetic.” The Wall Street Journal editorial board, which has been highly critical of Mr. Trump’s post-presidency period, said it’s impossible to overstate Mr. Bragg’s bad judgment. I myself on Monday referred to it as a zombie case and an abuse of power.

Now, why has Mr. Bragg, who is overcome by the Trump derangement syndrome, canceled today’s grand jury hearing? Well, nobody knows for sure, I guess, but one could wildly speculate that Mr. Bragg has no case.

He’s in danger of being overruled by his own grand jury. Why?

Well, in yesterday’s grand jury testimony, lawyer Bob Costello, who used to represent a Trump lawyer turned arch-nemesis, Michael Cohen, destroyed Cohen’s credibility. Cohen, of course, is already a convicted perjurer.

Mr. Costello told the grand jury that Mr. Bragg withheld important email evidence that would’ve destroyed the idea that Cohen was representing Mr. Trump with respect to payments to Stormy Daniels or anything else.

Mr. Bragg put six emails into the official record, but Mr. Costello testified that there were actually 321 emails and they show that the story Cohen is now telling the grand jury is completely different from what he told Mr. Costello years ago.

In fact, there’s strong reason to believe that Cohen was acting on his own, not representing Mr. Trump. Cohen took out a home equity loan to pay off Stormy Daniels. Cohen worked out a deal with Ms. Daniels’s lawyer.

According to Mr. Costello, Cohen wanted everything to be secret. Didn’t want his own wife to know. Didn’t want Melania Trump to know. He just went ahead and did it.

Now, I’m not in the courtroom. I don’t know what is absolutely true or not true. I’m just telling you what Mr. Costello told Tucker Carlson on TV Monday night and Sean Hannity last night and John Catsimatidis on radio last night.

With 315 emails missing from the official record, though, and a well-respected lawyer like Mr. Costello, you’ve got to wonder whether Mr. Costello’s story is correct, Cohen’s story is another lie, and Alvin Bragg doesn’t have a thing on Donald Trump.

Fox News Digital is reporting major dissension within the D.A.’s office. One source claimed Mr. Bragg is having trouble convincing the grand jury on potential charges due to the weakness of the case. Sources told Fox News there remains a real chance that Mr. Bragg does not choose to indict the former president.

I’m just reporting this — you’ll make up your own mind. I will say, though, that this would not be the first time the far left has ginned up a lot of baloney about Donald Trump. Russia, Russia, Russia. Hoax, hoax, hoax. The Steele dossier, the Mueller report, the Zelensky phone call.

All these phony charges, unproven in courts or in Congress. We’ll see how this story plays out. I make no conclusions, but I do find it just a wee bit interesting that over the past month or so, Mr. Trump’s poll numbers have been skyrocketing.

Even in recent days, with what may be an Alvin Bragg hoax to indict the former president, Mr. Trump’s poll numbers are rising. Sure, these are polls, not votes. I’m just reporting, and you all will decide.

From Mr. Kudlow’s broadcast on Fox Business News.

Larry Kudlow was the Director of the National Economic Council under President Trump from 2018-2021. His Fox Business show "Kudlow" airs at 4 p.m &. and his radio show airs on 770 ABC from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



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