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Liberals' Losing Battle For American Minds

The Left - trapped in a web of its own making.

Stacey Abrams in a classroom not wearing a mask surrounded by children who are wearing masks
Stacey Abrams visiting a school

We can understand if Dr. Anthony Fauci, the uber-scientist who knows it all, did not enjoy his Monday coffee as he opened the morning newspapers. Three thousand miles away, Big Tech social media cops who now control with an iron hand every American conversation in the public square (no differently from Mukhabarat police organizations of the Middle East) were similarly having a bad start to the week.

Gov. Philip Murphy of New Jersey, a liberal Democrat in one of the bluest states, had just announced a return to a life of normalcy. Students, teachers, and employees in state schools would no longer be required to wear masks. Other Democrat governors could now take cover (indeed, ultra-blue Connecticut joined him a few hours later) and announce the same relaxations that evil Greg Abbott of Texas and monster Ron DeSantis of Florida pushed through months ago.

The mask debate has divided America to no end, but no policy gets Americans more energized than when children are affected. Republican Glenn Youngkin rode an anti-establishment wave regarding another Left priority - teaching Critical Race Theory in schools and making parents irrelevant in what is taught - to the governor's mansion in Richmond.

Political leaders hone Darwinian skills to survive, far better than the angry Left mobs who only pontificate and demand compliance from the flyover masses who cling to guns and religion. A skilled politician, Murphy came close to a stinging defeat last November and saw the tea leaves better than the Jacobian crowd, turning right on school mask mandates.

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