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Little Lithuania, China’s Headache

Lithuania is standing up to China and facing the heat. It remains to be seen if the rest of the world will support Vilnius and follow in its footsteps.

An ant outweighing an elephant

A tiny nation is taking on a behemoth. Over the past few months, the media have been carrying stories of Lithuania no longer bowing to China's whims. The tiny European nation has been compared to a canary, a minnow, and others. In all that, what should not be lost, is the wilful determination shown by a country that is guided by principles and puts its citizens above other considerations.

Lithuania may be small in size, but it is built on some lofty ideals.  The government has been standing up for human rights and calling violators to the carpet. For instance, Vilnius has offered shelter to the opposition leaders of Belarus who were forced to flee Alexander Lukashenko's dictatorial regime. The parliament has also passed a resolution on Uighurs,  citing the Chinese Communist regime's ill-treatment of the ethnic people.

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