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Media Bloodbath: Elon Musk Is Now More Trustworthy Than Every Major News Outlet

Shortly after Donald Trump made remarks at a rally in Ohio, Joe Scarborough posted on X: “Donald Trump’s America. And he is proud of it. Promised another ‘bloodbath’ if he loses again.” The picture was from the Jan. 6 riot.

Soon after, however, Scarborough deleted the post.

We can’t say for certain why, except that he hit the delete button shortly after Elon Musk responded to “Morning Joe” with this comment:

At least Scarborough had the good sense to take back his inflammatory and wildly out-of-context portrayal of what Trump had said.

The same can’t be said for almost every other major news outlet, which ran blood-curdling headlines about Trump’s supposed call to violence if he loses. Here’s a small sample:

It should come as no surprise that these headlines perfectly track the Biden campaign’s messaging, including a clip of Trump’s remarks that conveniently leaves out the context.

We won’t even bother to mention the glaring double standard at work here, where the word “bloodbath” coming out of Trump’s mouth is a million times worse than when the same word is used by Democrats, including Joe Biden.

So, what did Trump actually say? Well, if you read the transcript, you see that Musk was right and the press is being deliberately misleading. Here’s the relevant context:

If you’re listening, President Xi — and you and I are friends — but he understands the way I deal. Those big monster car manufacturing plants that you’re building in Mexico right now… you’re going to not hire Americans and you’re going to sell the cars to us, no. We’re going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going to be able to sell those cars if I get elected. Now if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole – that’s gonna be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That will be the least of it. But they’re not going to sell those cars. They’re building massive factories.

So, clearly, Trump means that it will be a bloodbath for auto workers and the nation’s economy if China can avoid tariffs by building auto factories in Mexico so it can dump its EVs into the U.S. market.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what U.S. manufacturers are saying.

A couple of weeks ago, the Alliance for American Manufacturing put out a report that began this way:

The introduction of cheap Chinese autos – which are so inexpensive because they are backed with the power and funding of the Chinese government – to the American market could end up being an extinction-level event for the U.S. auto sector, whose centrality in the national economy is unimpeachable…

Chinese firms’ heavy spending on plants in Mexico, through which they can access the United States by way of the more favorable tariffs under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). This strategy is, in effect, an effort to gain backdoor access to American consumers by circumventing existing policies that are keeping China’s autos out of the U.S. market.

Trump could have read from this report and the media would have reacted just as hysterically.

So how is it that Elon Musk is a more trustworthy source of what Trump actually said than the professional news media that are paid to cover his campaign and keep blathering on about “misinformation”?

Well, as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene correctly put it on X:

What we saw this weekend wasn’t journalism. It was propaganda, pure and simple.

And trust us when we say that this will only get worse as the November elections get closer.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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