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More Americans Oppose Than Support Plans To Rescind “Conscience” Rule For Healthcare Workers: Golden/TIPP

The Golden/TIPP Poll found that plans to repeal the “conscience” rule for health workers do not have the support of a majority of Americans.

Credit: Photo by JAFAR AHMED on Unsplash

Nearly one-half (49%) oppose scrapping healthcare workers’ “conscience” rule.  Only 34% support the move. That’s the key finding from a Golden/TIPP Poll of 1,320 Americans nationwide completed in early May.

The “conscience” rule allows medical workers to refuse services contradicting their religious or moral beliefs. For example, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers could refuse to provide abortions, vasectomies, or procedures they object to.

The Trump administration unveiled the "conscience rule" in 2018 and finalized it in 2019. Dozens of states, cities and advocacy groups sued. The federal courts blocked it, and it was never implemented.

Politico recently reported that the Biden administration intends to repeal the rule.

Where do Americans stand on this issue? To gain insight into it, we asked the poll respondents: The Biden Administration is reportedly going to scrap the “conscience” rule for healthcare workers, which means all medical personnel will now be required to perform abortions. Do you agree or disagree with this policy?

The results:

  • 18% agreed strongly,
  • 16% agreed somewhat,
  • 16% disagreed somewhat,
  • 33% disagreed strongly, and
  • 16% said they were not sure.

Note the intensity of opposition to the idea: one-third “disagree strongly” with the policy.

More oppose than support plans to scrap health workers "conscience" rule.

Under The Hood

Most Democrats (55%) and liberals (61%) support scrapping the rule. But, the majority of all other political affiliations and ideologies oppose it, including:

  • 74% of Republicans
  • 55% of Independents
  • 69% of conservatives
  • 50% of moderates
More oppose than support plans to scrap health workers "conscience" rule. By party

Age and Race Differences

The younger age groups tend to support scrapping it while older age groups oppose it.

Forty-six percent of the 18 to 24 age group and 51% of the 25 to 44 group support the move.  But, most 45 to 64 (57%) and 65+ (66%) want the rule to stay in place.

Blacks support the move 52% to 30%. Whites oppose scrapping 56% to 30%. Hispanics split 40% support to 38% oppose.

More oppose than support plans to scrap health workers "conscience" rule. By age and race

Area Type and Education

While urban residents support Biden’s position 48% to 36%, suburban residents oppose it 53% to 32%. The same is valid with rural residents, who oppose 62% to 22%.

The share that opposed scrapping across all education groups was higher than those who supported it. Both high school educated (49%) and those with some college (54%) oppose Biden. Those with college degrees or more are split narrowly, with 43% opposing Biden’s plan and 42% supporting it.

More oppose than support plans to scrap health workers "conscience" rule. By area type and education.

President Biden’s Myopia

President Biden specializes in coming up with policies that worsen situations.  For example, he came up with stringent vaccine mandates that displaced many workers. It led to labor shortages intensifying inflation. Chalk this one up in that genre.

Scrapping the “conscience” rule could push many healthcare workers to quit their jobs. This would intensify the shortage of the already overextended medical segment.

President Biden must unshackle himself from the grips of the far left. Every move he makes to please them ends in disaster. His preoccupation with spearheading culture wars makes him look small and diminishes the august office of the President of America. The President must stop being a social engineer and be the leader of the free world.

Note: You can purchase the data package with cross-tabs for this study.

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